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Critical Incident Stress Management (CISM)

For Whom?
Critical Incident Programmes are most suited to organisations whose staff consistently encounter critical incidents in the course of their work.

Critical Incidents – What are they?
Incidents which are emotionally intense and psychologically disturbing to experience are referred to as Critical Incidents. The incidents usually involve experiencing or witnessing violence, injury or death or the possibility of their occurrence e.g.
  • A fatal accident on-site

  • The suicide of a staff member

  • An armed raid

  • An organisational crisis

  • Other intense event

Critical Incident Management Programme
This is a structured system of care which is provided following critical incidents in the workplace. The Programme provides a combination of professional clinical care, together with support in the work environment.
Once the Programme is put in place, it provides a formal procedure which guarantees effective care and support to staff and management in the event of a critical incident.

Programme Components
  • Pro-active support to all staff involved in a critical incident

  • Critical Incident Stress Debriefings for individuals/groups

  • Individual Clinical Care
  • Communication/feedback to the organisation on individual staff needs

  • Preparation of the work environment
  • Development of a Peer Supporter team

Critical Incident Response Service

The service can be accessed by organisations who experience “once off” critical events.

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