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Employee Assistance Programme (EAP)

The provision of high quality psychotherapy is at the core of our Staff Care Programmes. The service provides individual sessions to employees with a professionally trained and experienced clinical psychotherapist or psychologist.

The Employee Assistance Programme has two main components:

Phone-Direct Care/Consultation Line:
This service offers direct telephone access to one of our psychotherapists. The employee can use this initial consultation to talk through and identify their difficulty and to consider, with the therapist, ways of addressing their problem. The aim of this consultation is to set up appropriate support for the employee.

Employee Assistance:
This service is at the core of our Staff Care Programme. The service provides individual therapy sessions to employees. Usually, the employee would access the service via our Staff Care Phone Line. Referrals can be initiated by the employee directly, or in some cases, a manager may advise the employee that the service is available to them.

Employees would normally be offered between 4-6 individual therapy sessions.


All services, and most particularly the clinical services, provided by Stephanie Regan & Associates are conducted in absolute confidence. All staff employed by us abide and are bound by a professional code of ethics and practice. Such codes demand proper and appropriate adherence to confidentiality in the practitionersí professional practice.

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